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By David Arns

within the final fifty years or so, there was an enormous resurgence of curiosity within the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the accompanying presents of the Spirit. In a few, the curiosity is solely educational; in others, it's a passionate starvation to event it firsthand. yet there are those who declare that such issues light away round the finish of the 1st century, and are for this reason not to be had. Did they truly fade away? we have to understand simply because people declare to were baptized within the Holy Spirit and use the presents of the Spirit each day, as a regular a part of Christian existence. As regularly, the Bible is the normative usual for residing the Christian existence, so what does the Bible say in this subject? quite a bit, and if we stick with what the Bible says, our Christian lives becomes even more fascinating and fruitful within the issues of the Kingdom.

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