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  • Download The City in the Roman West, c.250 BC-c.AD 250 by Ray Laurence PDF

    By Ray Laurence

    the town is broadly considered as the main attribute expression of the social, cultural and monetary formations of the Roman Empire. This used to be very true within the Latin-speaking West, the place urbanism was once less deeply ingrained than within the Greek-speaking East yet the place networks of towns grew up throughout the centuries following conquest and profession. This up to date and well-illustrated synthesis offers scholars and experts with an summary of the advance of the town in Italy, Gaul, Britain, Germany, Spain and North Africa, no matter if their pursuits lie in old historical past, Roman archaeology or the broader heritage of urbanism. It money owed not just for the city's geographical and temporal unfold and its linked monuments (such as amphitheatres and baths), but additionally for its value to the rulers of the Empire in addition to the provincials and locals.
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  • Download Das Patriarchat: Ursprung und Zukunft unseres by Ernest Borneman PDF

    By Ernest Borneman

    Dieses umfassend und sorgfältig recherchierte Werk, an dem Ernest Borneman vierzig Jahre lang gearbeitet hat, beschreibt die Konterrevolution der Männer gegen die frauenrechtlichen Gesellschaftsstrukturen der Alten Welt, gegen die gesellschaftliche und sexuelle Gleichberechtigung.
    Borneman stellt die frauenrechtliche Kultur der Vorgeschichte dar und vermittelt seinen Leserinnen damit die Erkenntnis dessen, used to be sie waren: Schöpferinnen einer der besten und gerechtesten Gesellschaftsordnungen, die es je in der Geschichte der Menschheit gegeben hat. Er zeigt, wie sich das Patriarchat überhaupt etablieren konnte und erläutert Strategien und Techniken zu seinem Sturz. – Seine Leser fordert Borneman auf, über ihr männliches Selbstverständnis nachzudenken und die Frauenbewegung solidarisch zu unterstützen.
    (Dieser textual content bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)

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  • Download History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Volume by Edward Gibbon PDF

    By Edward Gibbon

    heritage of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - quantity I
    Edward Gibbon, english historian and Member of Parliament (1737-1794)

    This book offers «History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - quantity I», from Edward Gibbon. A dynamic desk of contents allows to leap on to the bankruptcy selected.

    Table of Contents
    - approximately This Book
    - Prefaces
    - the level Of The Empire within the Age Of The Antonines
    - the interior Prosperity within the Age Of The Antonines
    - The structure within the Age Of The Antonines
    - The Cruelty, Follies And homicide Of Commodus
    - Sale Of The Empire To Didius Julianus
    - loss of life Of Severus, Tyranny Of Caracalla, Usurpation Of Marcinus
    - Tyranny Of Maximin, uprising, Civil Wars, dying Of Maximin
    - nation Of Persion And recovery Of The Monarchy
    - nation Of Germany until eventually The Barbarians
    - Emperors Decius, Gallus, Aemilianus, Valerian And Gallienus
    - Reign Of Claudius, Defeat Of The Goths
    - Reigns Of Tacitus, Probus, Carus And His Sons
    - Reign Of Diocletian And This 3 Associates
    - Six Emperors while, Reunion Of The Empire
    - growth Of The Christian Religion
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  • Download Ovid's Heroides: A New Translation and Critical Essays by Paul Murgatroyd,Bridget Reeves,Sarah Parker PDF

    By Paul Murgatroyd,Bridget Reeves,Sarah Parker

    This quantity bargains updated translations of all 21 epistles of Ovid’s Heroides. Each letter is observed by means of a preface explaining the mythological history, an essay supplying serious comments at the poem, and dialogue of the heroine and her remedy in other places in Classical literature. the place proper, reception in later literature, movie, song and art, and feminist points of the parable also are lined. The booklet additionally includes an creation overlaying Ovid's lifestyles and works, the Augustan heritage, the originality of the Heroides, relationship, authenticity and reception. an invaluable word list of characters pointed out within the Heroides concludes the publication. this can be a very important new source for somebody learning the poetry of Ovid, Classical mythology or girls within the old global.

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  • Download Numa Pompilius (French Edition) by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian PDF

    By Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian

    Numa Pompilius
    Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, auteur dramatique, romancier, poète et fabuliste français (1755-1794)

    Ce livre numérique présente «Numa Pompilius», de Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, édité en texte intégral. Une desk des matières dynamique permet d'accéder directement aux différentes sections.

    Table des matières
    - Présentation
    - Livre Premier
    - Livre Deuxième
    - Livre Troisième
    - Livre Quatrième
    - Livre Cinquième
    - Livre Sixième
    - Livre Septième
    - Livre Huitième
    - Livre Neuvième
    - Livre Dixième
    - Livre Onzième
    - Livre Douzième
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  • Download Barbarism and Religion: Volume 4, Barbarians, Savages and by J. G. A. Pocock PDF

    By J. G. A. Pocock

    'Barbarism and faith' - Edward Gibbon's personal word - is the identify of a series of works through John Pocock designed to situate Gibbon, and his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, in a chain of contexts within the heritage of eighteenth-century Europe. within the fourth quantity within the series, first released in 2005, Pocock argues that barbarism was once vital to the background of western historiography, to the historical past of the Enlightenment, and to Edward Gibbon himself. As an idea it used to be deeply challenging to Enlightened historians trying to comprehend their very own civilised societies within the mild of publicity to newly came across civilisations which have been, until eventually then, past the achieve of historical past itself.
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  • Download Conquest: How Societies Overwhelm Others by David Day PDF

    By David Day

    during this daring, sweeping publication, David Day surveys the ways that one kingdom or society has supplanted one other, after which sought to justify its career - for instance, the English in Australia and North the United States, the Normans in England, the Spanish in Mexico, the japanese in Korea, the chinese language in Tibet. Human heritage has been marked via territorial aggression and expanion, an unending cycle of possession claims through dominant cultures over territory occupied via peoples not able to withstand their improve. Day outlines the ideas, violent and refined, such dominant cultures have used to stake and bolster their claims - via redrawing maps, rewriting heritage, recourse to criminal argument, artistic renaming, use of origin tales, tilling of the soil, colonization and naturally outright subjugation or even genocide. finally the claims they make show their very own experience of id and self-justifying position on the earth. this may be an immense publication, an obtainable and eye-catching macro-narrative approximately empire, growth, and dispossession.
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  • Download Maternal Megalomania by Julie Langford PDF

    By Julie Langford

    Ancient authors emphasize dramatic moments within the lifetime of Julia Domna, spouse of Roman emperor Septimius Severus (193–211). They accuse her of ambition unforgivable in a lady, of instigating civil conflict to put her sons at the throne, and of resorting to incest to take care of her carry on energy. In imperial propaganda, in spite of the fact that, Julia Domna was once commemorated with unheard of titles that celebrated her maternity, even if it was once within the position of mom to her sons (both destiny emperors) or because the metaphorical mom to the empire. Imperial propaganda even equated her to the nice mom goddess, Cybele, endowing her with a public prominence way past that of past imperial girls. Her visage will be discovered gracing every thing from state-commissioned paintings to privately owned ivory dolls.

    In Maternal Megalomania, Julie Langford unmasks the maternal titles and honors of Julia Domna as a crusade at the a part of the management to garner help for Severus and his sons. Langford appears to numismatic, literary, and archaeological proof to reconstruct the propaganda surrounding the empress. She explores how her photo was once adapted towards diverse populations, together with the army, the Senate, and the folk of Rome, and the way those populations spoke back to propaganda in regards to the empress. She employs Julia Domna as a case research to discover the construction of ideology among the emperor and its subjects.

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  • Download Constantine: Dynasty, Religion and Power in the Later Roman by Timothy D. Barnes PDF

    By Timothy D. Barnes

    Drawing on fresh scholarly advances and new proof, Timothy Barnes deals a clean and intriguing learn of Constantine and his existence.
    • First examine of Constantine to use Kevin Wilkinson's re-dating of the poet Palladas to the reign of Constantine, disproving the foremost scholarly trust that Constantine remained tolerant in concerns of faith to the tip of his reign
    • Clearly units out the issues linked to depictions of Constantine and solutions them with nice clarity
    • Includes Barnes' personal learn into the wedding of Constantine's mom and dad, Constantine's prestige as a crown prince and his father's valid inheritor, and his dynastic plans
    • Honorable point out for 2011 Classics & old background PROSE award granted by way of the organization of yankee Publishers
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  • Download Der politische Hellenismus: Ägypten unter der by Catrin Altzschner PDF

    By Catrin Altzschner

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2007 im Fachbereich Geschichte - Weltgeschichte - Frühgeschichte, Antike, word: 1,3, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Sprache: Deutsch, summary: [...] In der Forschung und Sekundärliteratur lassen sich unterschiedliche Positionen erkennen. Droysen sah im Hellenismus die absolute Verschmelzung von Orient und Okzident als welthistorisch notwendig. Ein Standpunkt, dem sich auch neuere Untersuchungen wie die Heinens anschließen. Andere Positionen sprechen nicht von einer Verschmelzung, sondern von einem mehr oder weniger einander beeinflussten Nebeneinander, wie zum Beispiel bei Kaerst. Eine Haltung, der auch die Einschätzung Gehrkes recht nahe kommt. Dies ist nur ein kleines Spektrum der Forschungsdiskussion, zwischen dessen diametralen Polen sich noch viele weitere gemäßigtere Standpunkte unterschiedlichster Historiker finden lassen. Im ersten Schritt soll im Kapitel „Der Hellenismus; allgemeine Phänomene und Tendenzen“ der Hellenismus im Allgemeinen, hellenischer Staat, Wirtschaft und Hellenisierung, dargestellt werden. Dies führt allerdings zunächst auf eine Problematik bei der Erarbeitung des Themas. Denn generelle Aussagen zu treffen und ein adäquates Gesamtbild der politischen und soziökonomischen Struktur im Hellenismus zu kreieren, scheinen speedy unmöglich. Zu vielschichtig und unterschiedlich präsentiert sich die hellenistische Welt. Ohne teils recht spezifische Beispiele und Hervorhebungen von Besonderheiten kommt so mit auch diesem Kapitel nicht aus. An Hand der in diesem Kapitel erarbeiteten Kriterien, wie zum Beispiel die Rolle der Stadt, wird dann im dritten Kapitel ins element gegangen. Im Einzelnen soll die gräko-makedonische Herrschaft der Ptolemäer an Hand verschiedner Quellen und Sekundärliteratur erarbeitet werden. Besonderheiten, aber auch typische Merkmale des Hellenismus werden aufgezeigt. In wie weit kamen sich Griechen und „Nicht-Griechen“ nahe? Verharrten sie nur im bloßen Nebeneinander und waren solche Vermischungsformen doch eher die Ausnahme? Wie battle die soziopolitische company der beiden Herrschaftssysteme? Es ist die Ambivalenz des Hellenismus, die Hand des Ptolemäerreiches dargestellt werden soll.
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